牛津译林版初三英语练* 九年级上册Unit 1-2

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九年级英语上册 Unit 1 - 2 练*题
一、 词汇 1. I don’t know the date. Let’s have a look at the _______________ (日历). 2. The little girl waited there for a long time and her father _______________ (出现) at last. 3. He _______________ (分开) the big cake into halves and ate one. 4. It is he who _______________ (塑造) his life and his future. 5. The book includes many of his _______________ (演说). 6. Our English teacher always repeats _______________ (语法) rules for us. 7. The living _______________ (标准) are very low in north-west China. 8. Mary is the head of her company and a _______________ (先锋) worker. 9. A good marriage is based on _______________ (信任). 10. This is a story about an _______________ (古老的) village. 11. You need to think of some _______________ (practice) plans. 12. I visit my grandparents in a _______________ (fix) time. 13. Mr Zhou has a good way of making his English class _______________ (live). 14. Nothing is impossible if we are _______________ (confidence) enough. 15. We all believe you are _______________ (suitable) person of us all for this job. 16. It’s bad for students’ health to go to school without _______________ (eat) breakfast. 17. Having too much sugar makes you get fat _______________ (easy). 18. He is so _______________ (patient) with the little girl that she is so frightened. 19. Either you or I _______________ (be) wrong. 20. Not only the students but also the teacher _______________ (be) to Nanjing already. 21. Be careful! A moment of _______________ (careless) may cause a terrible accident. 22. Too much bad news in her life made her _______________ (happy). 23. The doctor devoted most of her time to _______________ (help) others. 24. There used to be a stone bridge _______________ (connect) the village to the town. 25. Listening to music sometimes can make you forget your _______________ (sad). 26. I’ve lived in Nanjing for 5 years, but I’m still not used to the _______ (hot) in summer . 27. Chinese traditional _______________ (celebrate) for the Spring Festival include the
display of fireworks. 28. Don’t send any _______________ (person) information to strangers. 29. The teacher said that the earth _______________ (move) around the sun. 30. I felt _______________ (stress) when I saw the school report from my teacher. 31. People like to search the Internet for some _______________ (suggest) on how to name
their babies. 32. All the students _______________ (require) to obey the school rules at school. 33. Every time he has the chance to lie on the beach, he feels even _______________ (relax). 34. He is one of _______________ (success) businessmen in the world. 35. He’s _______________ (modest) of the three. We all like him.


36. 你的属相说的关于你的内容可能是真的。




may_________________________________. 37. 出生在同一个星座的人们有类似的个性吗?




have__________________________? 38. 他们被分成 4 组,所有在 A 组的学生都属龙。

They ___________________________ 4 groups. All the students in Group A were born

_____________________________________________. 39. 从某些方面上来说,他足够坚强依靠自己。







40. Amy 已经学会如何制定计划使得自己更加有条理。






____________________________________. 41. 他打算把这些墙涂成蓝色,因为蓝色能够给我们的身心带来宁静。

He plans to ___________________ because blue can

____________________________. 42. Suzy 足够地有条理使她所有的东西保持井然有序。

Suzy is______________________

to____________________________________________. 43. 她不接受其他人的建议也不三思而行。

She neither ______________________________nor


44. 当我在洗碗的时候,我打坏了一只,但我爸爸没有对我生气。

I broke one when I ______________________, but my father ____________________. 45. 这位总经理经过多年辛苦努力工作已经赢得了员工们的高度赞扬。

This ________________ already ________________ workers after years of hard work.

46. 汤姆经常建议我们看英语电影以提高我们的英语口语水*。

Tom often _________________ English movies ________________ our spoken

English. 47. 红色能够影响我的情绪,因此我现在做决定不困难了。

Red ______________________, so I don’t _________________________________


48. 女人们更喜欢在婚礼当天穿白色,因为它是纯洁的颜色。

Women ______________________________________, because it is

________________. 49. 为了保持苗条,我宁愿均衡饮食。

In order to _____________________, I_________________________________ my

diet. 50. 我们承诺改变你的心情,否则全额退还。






___________________________. 51. 据说生在羊年的人不容易生气。

___________ that people born in the Year of the Sheep don’t ____________________. 52. 现在她很有信心,能在很多人面前发表演说。

Now she __________________ to ________________________ in front of many people. 53. 当你正感到难过时,橙色会让你振作起来。






________________________________. 三、完形填空

Telling the truth is a very good habit. Here is a story of a man who did lots of bad things,

but his promise to tell the truth 54 him. Once the man came to the prophet (先知) Muhammad and said, ‘Oh prophet of Allah, I

have many 55 habits. Which one should I 56 first?’ The prophet said, ‘Give up

telling lies first and always tell the truth.’ The man promised to do so and went home.

At night the man planned to go out to steal. Before 57 home, he said to

58 , ‘If tomorrow the rophet asks me 59 I have been, shall I say that I went out

stealing? No, I 60 say that. But neither can I lie. If I tell the truth, everyone will call

me a 61 .’ So the man 62 not to steal that night.

The next day, when he was going to 63 wine, he thought, ‘ 64 shall I say

to the prophet if he asks me what I did during the day? I cannot tell a lie, and if I tell the truth people will 65 me because a Muslim (伊斯兰教信徒) is not 66 to drink

wine.’ So he gave up the idea of drinking wine.

67 this way, whenever the man thought of doing something bad, he 68

remembered his promise to tell the truth. Step by step, he gave up all his bad habits and

became a good Muslim and a very good person.

( ) 54. A. killed

B. saved

C. reminded

D. developed

( ) 55. A. good

B. great

C. bad

D. daily

( ) 56. A. look after

B. care about

C. put off D. give up

( ) 57. A. getting

B. leaving

C. arriving

D. returning

( ) 58. A. himself

B. herself

C. itself

D. themselves

( ) 59.A. where

B. how

C. when

D. which

( ) 60.A. needn’t

B. shouldn’t

C. can’t

D. might not

( ) 61. A. chef

B. doctor

C. thief

D. member

( ) 62. A. continued B. decided

C. refused

D. forgot

( ) 63. A. make

B. sell

C. store

D. drink

( ) 64. A. What

B. How

C. Which

D. When

( ) 65. A. love

B. teach

C. notice

D. hate

( ) 66. A. allowed

B. asked

C. invited D. provided

( ) 67. A. By

B. On

C. In

D. As

( ) 68. A. hardly

B. always


C. never (A)

D. sometimes

Science fiction is a popular kind of writing, and many people think of Jules Verne as the

father of science fiction.

He was born in France in 1828. His father wanted him to become a lawyer, but from his

early twenties Verne decided to become a writer. At first he wrote plays for the theater. Then, in 1863, he wrote the second book called Five Weeks in a Ballon. The success of this book

encouraged him to write more stories such as A Journey to the Center of the Earth(1864) and

From the Earth to the Moon(1865).

In the 19th century, many people were interested in science and inventions. Jules Verne

wrote about scientific subjects in his stories and, as a result, they were very popular. Verne’s writing included many predictions(预言) for the 20th century and many of them came true.

He described space flight, movies, and air conditioning, a long time before they appeared.

These books were very successful and they made Verne rich.

Jules Verne’s books have been the subjects for many movies. 20, 000 Leagues Under the

Sea was a successful movie for Walt Disney. It was the first Disney movie to use real science

instead of cartoon drawings. Around the World in Eighty Days is another famous movie based

on one of Verne’s books. The main character is an Englishman called Phileas Fogg. For him,

the most important thing is to be always on time!

69. Who was considered as the father of science fiction? (no more than 2 words)



70. What encouraged him to write more stories? (no more than 6 words)



71. When were many people interested in science and inventions? (no more than 4 words)



72. Verne’s writing included many predictions for the 21st century, didn’t it? (3 words)



73. What was the first Disney movie to use real science instead of cartoon drawings?

(no more than 5 words)



(B) Chinese, nothing else is more important than going back home to spend the Spring Festival with family. This year, about 340 million passengers would travel during the 40-day Spring Festival travel. Chinese travellers prefer trains to coaches and planes, for safety and lower prices. With a large number of people traveling, getting a train ticket is difficult every year. People often have to wait in long queues in railway stations, even over night. Calling to order a ticket is another way. It’s not simple, either. The phone lines seem to be busy all day. To solve the problem, the website www.12306.cn has been in service. Passengers can order tickets online 19 days earlier. But all the tickets to the hometown seemed to be gone in a second after they started selling online. People who have no computer skills found it hard to get a ticket online. Things seem to get worse, although the government has made the railway service better. Why? It’s because too many people need to return home in such a short time. Central leaders pay much attention to the Spring Festival travel, and the railway workers promised that they would try their best not to let any ticket-buyers spend the Spring Festival at the railway station. Bad weather such as fog and heavy snow, causes more difficulty. For cars with less than 7 seats, drivers can enjoy a free ride on the highway from Jan. 27 to Feb. 2, 2017. After a long and hard trip, the time spent with family is surely the happiest moment. 74. For Chinese, going back home to spend the Spring Festival with family is
___________________ . The 2017 Spring Festival travel lasts ________________ days.
75. Chinese travellers would rather travel_______________________ than on coaches and
planes because of ___________________________.
76. ___________________________ ways of buying tickets are talked about in the article
and _______________________________ of them are easy.
77. Though the government _________________ the railway service, things don’t get better.
The railway workers promised to ________________ to let every ticket-buyer get home.
78. Besides too many people and too short time, _____________________ also causes more
difficulty. If you drive a car on the highway on Jan. 29, 2017, you can _______________.